Jan Senbergs

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“To look at Jan Senbergs’s work is to be immediately struck by its sheer visual inventiveness. He is both a creator of fantastical imagery as well as an acute observer, whose paintings, drawings and prints veer between the densely claustrophobic and the wildly exuberant.

His is an art of twists and turns, with major events in the artist’s life precipitating new series and entirely new ways of working. Yet what becomes evident when taking a long view is Senbergs’s consistency; from his very earliest paintings and screenprints to his recent works, the artist’s recurring theme has been humanity, its hubris and folly, its triumphs and tragedies, seen through the clear eyes of a realist with both affection and occasional despair. There is also humour in his work, a sending-up of social mores and pretentiousness, and a particular sensibility attuned to the futility of humankind’s endeavours”.

Elena Taylor
Jan Senbergs: Observation-Imagination 2016